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What follows here has very little to do with my music.

What follows here are just some of my thoughts on various topics that I want to express openly.


I think the entire human race, working together, has tremendous potential to do great things that will
benefit us all, but this will only happen when we can ALL feel that we are ALL one people, one tribe,
one family that lives everywhere our entire family possibly can live. 

If we should ever grow up to finally realize this, then on that day, we will do much better at trying to
create a HAPPY, HEALTHY, PRODUCTIVE FAMILY where no one is ever intentionally left out.

Now just think, of your own EARTHLY FAMILY. Do any of you feel left out? 

Sadly, the day is still long off but I have seen glimmers of cooperation that keep me hopeful. I have seen the cooperative nature of scientists around the world, eagerly and joyfully working together as a family. That pleases me greatly!

I have seen this also in the medical community and again, this keeps my hopes alive. There are other examples but I will let you
explore them on your own. In the meantime, I invite you to explore one possible wonderful future for all of us. 

It is being studied at the following website. It is called "THE VENUS PROJECT".

Study the possibilities there before you simply dismiss these ideas as naive.
Some of their ideas just may be our salvation as a species.

We are such a diverse creature. 
We all have the same biology, almost. We all think and feel the very same emotions.

We all have the very same needs and we all have a common origin.


I do not care which country you come from or what language you speak or what your current ISOLATED  tribe's social dictated rules are. 

No matter who you are, you are like the rest of US. YOU ARE AN AFRICAN. Chances are, you simply no longer live in Africa.
                                                                        I will say that again.

 If you understand the basic facts of EVOLUTION, then you know that humanity sprung out of Africa.

If it helps you to get along better with all other people around this beautiful planet, then please, always remember your true roots!

Remember that all humans are of the animal kingdom and therefore our priorities are the same everywhere, as in all other species.
Those biologically built in priorities are:

1:Eat and don't get eaten.


3:Eventually die to make room for others.

                                                                        THAT IS THE LIFE PROCESS OF ALL LIFE FORMS EVERYWHERE.

                                                                                                       THAT IS IT and THAT IS ALL.

Anything else is simply a "story" we make up in our minds about "A MEANING TO LIFE"-think Monty Python. 

As Shakespeare would say, that is our own "PASSION PLAY"-think about my song I titled "I Just Want To Play".

You see, something happened along the road in our human animal evolution which introduced a 4th. component to these three
simple priorities. 

That 4th. component appears to be an over exaggerated sense of consciousness and intelligence and imagined purpose in the entire scheme of all things.

This is a good thing, so long as we do not get too carried away in our false sense of SELF IMPORTANCE OVER ALL OTHERS.

Which now leads me to briefly state what I think are the NEGATIVES of our species.


                                                 THE NEGATIVE SIDE OF ALL HUMANITY: 




1: CLASS DISTINITON in terms of those who have vastly too much, just enough and the rest of us, not near enough!

I detest class distinctions because it destroys the possibility ever of a GLOBAL FAMILY. Yes yes yes, I  know just like you know,
why and how this came about. It is the direct result of rule #1 which we all get caught up in. Explore this on your own. 


I detest prejudice. It is the product of a primitive and very insecure mind. Enough said on that.


I am proud to state that I am a humanist and an intelligent atheist.
I am very much against all religious dogma. If you are a religious person, I warn you now that you will not like what I have to say here.
I do not want to hurt anyone's feelings but I must state what I think is so very wrong with all religions.

I understand how in some ways a religion may have helped primitive isolated tribes to survive as a whole, but we should have outstripped such childish ideas of GODS and other such "sky fairies", and we should have moved on to a better, much more realistic understanding of the real world/s by now. 

Actually, some smart human animals have moved on and because of this, we now have a better understanding of MANY OTHER WORLDS. Not just this one rock!

Creationists would have you blindly believe that evolution is only a theory and that "some" GOD is a fact. 

Those ignorant people continue to ignore all that we have learned in over the past 2,000 years! I mean, how dumb is that!

Reality tells us a very different story in which EVOLUTION  is a FACT of nature and a GOD is a figment of their imagination.


I have heard the very silly debates that try hard to fit science and religion working together in harmony. Well, they do not!

                                                                   SCIENCE and RELIGION are vastly different.

                                            SCIENCE is filled with KNOWLEDGE of the real world for all to learn.

                           RELIGION is filled with nonsense fables designed to keep all of us as dumb as rocks.

I detest such immature, primitive attempts to try to control my thoughts or anyone else's.
I will strongly oppose such nonsense all the time and everywhere.

I enjoy the wonderful architecture of church buildings and the sound of a church organ accompanying people singing.
I can appreciate the need for people of all ages and races to want to get together in a social setting.
All of these things are good for the human condition.

What is not good for the human condition is the irrational claims of all religions that there is a GOD or GODS,  and the irrational dictates that they all impose. Religion has held back the intellectual growth of humanity far too long now and I detest this with a passion, and you should too, if you think about it!                                                                                  

                                            I question everything and I seek to know the truth of any matter.
                                                                                 A few examples:

1:I know for a fact that my infant body passed through my wonderful mother's body when I entered
            this world. I therefore reject the delusional story that I was delivered by a stork!

2:As a child, I was told by adults that there was a man called Santa Claus who did magical things.
            No reasonably intelligent adult still holds onto such silly unreasonable conclusions I trust.
3:In like manner, I therefore have no mental delusions of any kind, of any GOD or any multiple
            GOD's to hold back my thinking on any subject at all. 

            And because all religious dogma is firmly based in delusional thinking, I therefore have absolutely
            NO RESPECT at all for any religious beliefs.

                             In fact, I openly oppose ALL religious dogma EVERYWHERE for very valid and for very sane reasons.

                               "I have no GOD's in my mind, no special gifts or sins to confess", lyrics to one of my songs.


I strongly suggest that you explore this healthy skepticism through the website by Dr. Richard Dawkins at

                     I very strongly suggest that every human being read his book titled "THE GOD DELUSION".
            READ THIS BOOK!  It is clear and precise and if it does not open your mind then, you simply have no mind to open!

"One can be a kind and gentle person. One can be open minded and one can be caring to others
and no religion is ever required to accomplish those worthy human goals."  -mysti

ALL religions are based on the concept that there exists a GOD or multiple GODS and therefore,
ALL religions are based on DELUSIONAL thinking.
                      YOU must either decide to deal in reality OR you will fail as a critical thinking human being animal.

There simply are no real entities called GOD or GODS and there certainly are no real entities referred to as the devil or evil spirits.

"ALL RELIGIONS" are nothing more then a collection of human animal minds ,whom agree with each other on their collective delusion.

To my way of thinking, the dogma of religions is an absolute insult to all modern day intelligent human animal minds who are trying hard to understand "THE REAL UNIVERSE", and WE SCIENTISTS kick religions ass in ALL of these departments!

If you alone were to claim,  that you were abducted by aliens, and you further claimed that you were experimented on
by these alien beings,  and that later on, they dropped you off, at some telephone booth, some 5 or so days later, but you have
no real evidence that this happened, then I say you are delusional. 

BUT.... if "you and many many others claimed" the same thing, again with no evidence or if you and many many others "claimed"
to have a personal relationship with {{{THE CREATOR OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE}}}, well then, you are just religious. 

                                                                      AND THAT IS RELIGION, all of them. Total insane, delusional thinking.

It sickens me to think that some adult is actually teaching their young child's mind this crap. To me, they are guilty of child abuse!

                                                                                           I AM VERY SERIOUS HERE.

                                    and yet this NONSENSE "thinking", this form of mental ABUSE  they inflict on children
                                                                  is still allowed almost everywhere on this planet!

                                                            I honestly find this very disturbing and it should be stopped.


The thinking discipline we call science has brought us out of those very dark ages of humanity.
Science tells us about the universe and about so much more.

                                                       I am thrilled to state that SCIENCE is NOT a religion. 

                                         SCIENCE IS CRITICAL THINKING, at it's best!

I do not mean to hurt anyone who states that they are religious but, we all have to deal in reality because the alternative is
simply mindless chaos. YOU have to decide which path YOU will work at to travel.

                             You can choose either MINDLESS DELUSIONAL THINKING or HONEST CRITICAL THINKING.

                                  The former does not require you to think at all. It is the simple path taken by lazy minds.
                                                      The latter will require some honest effort on your part.

I decided as early as age five and it has always kept me true to myself as well as to anyone else.

Being true may not make you popular or wanted at times but I would rather be disliked by many, for being true,
then to be "accepted" by many more, who are just following a delusional mind set. 

What worth is there in being told " you are accepted", you "are loved" 
by FOOLS who lack the basic courage of....HONESTY!

Yes I am very hard and harsh on all religions but they in return have all condemned me, all of my life and they have condemned 
so many other wonderful people. Think about Galileo for starts! This breaks my heart.

I can not, I will not ever allow this to happen to anyone again.

 I know and I care about many people. Some are religious and some are not.

 I try to focus on their heart and their mind and their love for many other diverse people, and their love for life. 

And, that is good enough for me!

                                                                 OK, enough of my thoughts on all religions. On to better things. 


Obviously, I am a transsexual woman. I can tell this and so can you! giggles. I think I am a beautiful intelligent Transsexual woman!

And being a Transsexual woman, on this planet, at this point in time is still very dangerous as we are so often misunderstood
and lumped into some horrible category called "FREAKS OF NATURE"by uneducated, hateful individuals.

Sometimes we are treated very unkindly by these "kinds of people", to say the least. Often we are even physically threatened,
beaten and yes, even murdered! There are several reasons why this sometimes happens to women such as myself. 
The most obvious reason is simply this:

Our world still has so many hateful and really uneducated people in it. Now add to this dangerous mix of idiots, shows like
The Jerry Springer show, which does nothing to help us and actually perpetuates more hate and more misunderstanding in
all of us.
                                                              And Mr. Jerry Springer does this all for the almighty BUCK!
                                         ADDED NOTE ON THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW:
On Wednesday, March 22,2006, I was contacted AGAIN by phone, by The Springer "people".
They invited me to go on their show and they offered to pay all of my expenses, flight, very good accommodations, great
food and a professional makeover just before the show, etc.
                                                                   I asked them why they were so interested in me?
                                                                    They asked me to tell them a bit about myself. 

So....... I proceeded to inform them that I am a singer, song writer, guitarist, drummer and I record in my own home studio.
I also informed them that I was heavily involved in astronomy in the past and that I now do counseling and I tutor in math
and physics and other subjects. 

I informed them that I am a pretty good golfer with a HC of 6.8 last year.  Not professional but not bad for a hack! 
I added that I do photography and metal sculpture and I just love interacting with good people, especially children whom I
find to be so open to learning everything.
So I asked, "Did you know these things about me and is this why you want to invite me on your show? 

To which she replied, " well we do find you to be very interesting and you are a Transsexual, are you not?".

To which I replied, " why yes, I am that too! I never gave it a thought because it is just part of my whole person. 

So I asked the obvious, "Because I am a Transsexual woman, is that of any importance to you and the Springer show?"

                                                           I think you get my drift by now. 

Knowing the total lack of good character of that show, knowing the total lack of intelligent dialogue on that show,
I declined  their offer. I was then asked if I had any friends whom might be interested, Transsexual friends in particular.
I informed them that I have hundreds of great friends and yes, some of my friends are also Transsexual but, they are good
people and they are my friends. Thus I would not subject them to lower themselves to appear on the Springer show.

So you see, we really are misunderstood and the general TV public and shows like Jerry Springer do nothing to help anyone. 

I do much better as a good ambassadress of Transsexual women by just living my life, surrounded by good people.  

                                                                          To my way of thinking: 

Never would any developed, rational thinking and mature human being be troubled in their mind by the color of your skin,
be it white or black or green.

Never would any developed, rational thinking and mature human being be troubled in their mind if you were short or tall or 
young or old or where you might have come from. 

Never would any developed, rational thinking and mature human being be troubled in their mind about what gender you are
or what your  sexual preference is.

Thus those people who are troubled, in their little minds about any of the above are by conclusion: not developed, not 
rational thinking beings. 

                                                       I try to avoid "these kind of people" like the plague and you should too!
They will only bring you down and they do NOTHING at all to create a better world for anyone.
I am very fortunate to have so many loving close friends from all walks of life, who are involved in my life and music.
It seems that this gift of music that we all posses, does bring out the best in us all. 
TRUE musicians and music lovers care ABOUT THE MUSIC. period. And thus, I have had my life enriched by meeting
and playing music with so many others. It is my hope that, in my interactions with others, I have perhaps enriched
their life's, in some small way as well. 

                                                    And to my mind, nothing is a more worthy goal. 


                                                                      SOME "MYSTI" THOUGHTS TO THINK ABOUT...
"Right planet perhaps, but for certain, the wrong time"-Mysti
"Think great THOUGHTS, not WORDS and you will never make a spelling error"-Mysti
"Your WORD means nothing! Your DEEDS mean everything.
What you actually do, your actions, or the lack of your actions, defines who you really are"-Mysti
"What we perceive as pretty, what we perceive as handsome, are merely superficial perceptions.Real BEAUTY goes to the core of the person"-Mysti 
"People confuse SEX with LOVE all the time. SEX and LOVE are not at all the same thing.
They are very separate things. Thus the number of failed marriages we witness"- Mysti
Human Being's are the best and the worst examples of this planets ANIMAL kingdom. -Mysti
All of us human animals, over the age of approx. 6, are to some extent, brain washed. Some more then others! 

In general, people tend to fear anything that is outside of their "brain washed" schemata "mind frame".

Instead of exploring the unknown, instead of expanding their "universal view", they tend to fear any  repercussions that might
surface from altering their "social view", in a manner that no longer fits the "standard and very narrow minded accepted
social view of the masses at that particular time. Ask Galileo!

Change only happens when you explore what you did not already know!- Mysti

People who think that authority itself, must be followed as the truth, find it impossible to imagine that truth itself, 
is the only real authority. 
In all things, there is only one thing to focus on and make conclusions about and that is, "THAT WHICH IS "- Dr.Virginia Prince

 And finally, so you do not take me to be too serious, here is the best  thought for any day, to live your life by. Thanks Edie! 
Handle every stressful situation like a dog.  If you can't eat it or play with it,  Just piss on it and walk away. - author UNKNOWN

To wish you were someone else is to WASTE the person that YOU really are.
I'm the best ME that I can be. Are you the best YOU?

True family means no one is left behind and no one is left out. Now, think about your own "family!"

Be who you are and say what you think BECAUSE those who mind, DO NOT MATTER and those who matter do not mind.
                                                                  THINK ABOUT ALL OF THIS....