Here are some of my songs in their full length. 
I describe what they mean to me and therefore why I created them. Just click on the song name to listen.


I Just Want To Play

The Escort
Walk About
CHLOE is a very deeply personal song I created about a little girl I am related to. She is no longer so little. 
I wanted to express my love for her in a song I wrote for her, when she was little.
I Just Want To Play is a song about how many of us, wake up every morning knowing fully well that what we will do today, we have already done a thousand days before and we have become bored with this constant repeatitive ritual. 
We need excitement and something new to charge us up.

This song really does not have anything to do with sex but I played on the sex drive to use one typical example of what gets us motivated and besides, just the word SEX gets people's attention.
Remember is a song about my reflections on being with family members whom I loved so deeply in my past but now are untouchable in my present life. I try to remember the great times to carry me forward.
The Escort is a song I created to reflect how many escorts feel about having to do that job, in order to pay their bills. Like any other job, there is the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY. 
Walk About is a journey one takes either in their imagination and/or physically. Many of us big city dwellers need to walk out from the center of our concrete jungles and into the country side for peace of mind. 
Walk about reflects this musically.